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Six ways to make this Valentine's Day one you'll never forget!

February 11, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Because of the pandemic, this year’s holiday may feel different than usual.  I expect there will be fewer people eating at candlelit restaurants or cuddling in the back of a movie theater.  Most of us will need to spend Valentine’s Day either inside our own homes, or outside with our masks on. 

But there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Cupid.  To help you have a great, here are seven fun, romantic, and COVID-safe activities for this Valentine’s Day. 

Let’s start with:

Out-of-House Activities

Can’t bear the thought of staying cooped up for Valentine’s Day?  Then why not try:

  1. Going to a Drive-In Movie Theater

Thanks to the pandemic, drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback!1 This is the perfect way to pretend you’re a teenager again by cuddling up in the cozy warmth – and socially distant safety – of your own car as you watch a good movie.  To make it even more fun, try dressing up like you’re in the 1950s when drive-ins were all the rage!

If you want something a little more active, try visiting the nearest:

  1. Outdoor Ice Rink

Ice skating is one of the classic winter date-night activities.  So why not put on your skates, your masks, and your gloves and hit the ice?  Be sure to follow it up with some steaming hot chocolate. 

  1. Stargazing

Few things are as romantic as gazing at the night sky.  And winter is actually one of the best times to do it!  Stars appear brighter and clearer during the winter because the winter sky in the northern hemisphere contains some of the most spectacular stars, constellations, and nebulas you’ll see all year.  If you’re lucky, you’ll probably catch a few shooting stars to wish on, too! 

In-House Activities

Feel like staying in this Valentine’s?  No problem.  For starters, why not:

  1. Cook a Romantic Meal!

Spend some quality “alone” time in the kitchen by cooking some of your favorite foods.  Better yet, why not try recreating the best restaurant meal you ever had?  It’s the perfect way to remember all the great times you’ve shared…and how much you mean to each other. 

  1. Take an Online Class

This one might be a little off the beaten path, but after working with people for so many years, I’ve found that learning is one of the most enjoyable activities for grown-ups.  Thanks to modern technology, it’s now possible to learn hundreds of different skills from some of the greatest professionals and practitioners in the world, all from your own home!  For example, check out  You can learn cooking from legends like Gordon Ramsey and Alice Waters, cocktail-making from Lynette Marrero, photography from Annie Leibovitz, magic tricks from Penn and Teller, or so many other activities! 

  1. Spread the Valentine’s Day love

This one is my favorite. 

Because of the pandemic, many people, especially older folks who live alone, are feeling isolated and lonely.  Since this holiday is an opportunity to show people that you care, try crafting handmade Valentines with a special message inside letting the reader know you’re thinking about them.  Then, deliver them together to any neighbors or other members of your community who might be lonely on Valentine’s Day. 

I promise you, it will feel good – and likely make for the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever.  Even during a pandemic.

However you spend Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!       


“Drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback thanks to coronavirus,” CNN Business, May 26, 2020.