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Convoy of Hope

March 21, 2022

“There’s something in the eyes of a person who has received help in a time of
desperation. A light – a hope.”

As you know, your investment managers and I have been following the war in Ukraine to monitor affects it may have on your investments. We are watching our indicators closely and will continue to manage your accounts in a proactive, unemotional way.

That said, today I am writing you about something that is emotional. According to the UN, 3 million refugees have fled Ukraine.1 That number is staggering. It can be hard to fathom and personalize. Look at the school closest to your home. What if every single child and their families at your local school had to suddenly flee the country out of fear of tanks, soldiers, bombings? If the average American primary school has 500 students, then we are talking about 5,000 schools worth of people fleeing from their homes. That number makes it a crisis. Many countries have opened their borders. They are offering some assistance. But as you and I know government-led assistance can take weeks. What do these refugees do now for food?

They turn to people like us for help. They turn to organizations like Convoy of Hope. Convoy of Hope is in six countries in that region providing food, hygiene kits, and other items to these refugees. We are getting involved and I’m writing you to encourage you to get involved too. I would like to encourage you to contribute to those charities that are helping with this crisis. If you don’t have one already in mind, please consider Convoy of Hope. While it’s not their
mission statement, the quote above certainly seems to be their guiding
motivation. They are also very highly rated as a charitable organization (based on allocation of money donated and transparency).

If you are interested in learning more about them, 
click here to watch some of their videos. All I ask is that you watch some of the videos. Read what they are doing. Consider donating or getting involved. Thank you for your time.